suppose you have 2 servers (server A, server B), each having their own local filesystems, with no shared NAS or SAN mounts

you need to monitor a set of files and directories on A and instantly sync any changes to B

the usual way to do this is to create…

FTP or rather sFTP (via SSH) is a reliable and time-tested method to send and receive files between 2 parties

At my company, whenever someone wants to FTP something to a client, or pull a file from a client, they write a quick bash script and are done.

If they…

For anyone that ever had to setup a secure sFTP server, you’ve undoubtedly had some pains setting up vsftpd service.

This article shows a very nice alternative that may make your life much easier.


Vsftpd is a well known “very secure FTP daemon” application and does its job well when…

written: Feb 1, 2021

This is a primer on how to setup Apache Airflow running on Centos 7 server for 2 separate environments (Prod and Simulation)

My company needed 2 separate envs, one for Production DAGs and one for Simulation/UAT DAGs.

Airflow can be a pain in the ass to…

At my work, I constantly have to do firewall testing between our hosts (our production network is managed by a vendor who also manages our physical production servers inside Equinix datacenters)

There are cases where we cannot connect within our network to certain ports, or certain port ranges

I’ve been…

During network connectivity troubleshooting, one thing that always pops up is the need to test connectivity for certain ports, for example, to check if a firewall is blocking a certain port,

I usually spin up a port on a server using either Netcat or Python, ie

while true ; do…

recently I had the misfortune of re-setting up a decomissioned Dell Powervault SAN unit in order to get restore some data on the disks that we urgently needed for production.

Dell Powervault is a nightmare to setup and manage compared to products from Synology, everything is overly complicated, documentation is horrendous and it took me over 3 days to figure out how to wire up and configure this thing in order to access data that was stored on the disk array

If you are in process of purchasing a NAS or SAN storage, please stay away from Powervault, its a disaster.

Hopefully this guide gives a few pointers to those unlucky enough to have to do this.

Full guide here:

Mike R

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