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Bash scripting is an art form

Bash scripting with Shellcheck VS Code extension

1. Error-Proof Your Variables

export somedir="/home/user/somedir"

lftp sftp://$user:$ -e "put file1;bye"


  • setup Elasticsearch stack (ELK stack) on a server,
  • install Metricbeat, Filebeat and Auditbeat agents on an endpoint
  • install Elastalert plugin that will alert you on events

  • netcat — great tool that can do basic telnet test and open…

Portela samba school, RJ Brasil
while true ; do nc -l -p 8300 -c 'echo -e "HTTP/1.1 200 OK\n\ $(date)"' ; done
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8330
python  -c 'import BaseHTTPServer as bhs, SimpleHTTPServer as shs;  bhs.HTTPServer(("", …

Full guide here:

  1. create an internal corporate CA
  2. deploy CA certificate to employee’s desktops and browsers
  3. generate new certificate and keys for internal websites
  4. configure a website (Apache) to use these internal certs and keys

Mike R

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